Framingham Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Given the advancement in technology that mobile phones have experienced, these devices are now commonplace. Most people have a mobile phone that allows them to call, text, or access the internet from anywhere. Unfortunately, many people take advantage of those benefits while driving.

Distracted driving can have deadly consequences. Due to the amount of time distracted drivers often travel while their eyes are not on the road, the potential for collisions is significant. In many ways, distracted drivers pose a similar risk as intoxicated drivers.

If you are in a collision with someone that was texting and driving, you are entitled to pursue financial compensation for any damages you incur. This could include your medical bills or the cost to repair your vehicle. An experienced attorney could help you pursue these damages with the help of a personal injury lawsuit. A Framingham texting while driving auto accident lawyer could not only evaluate your claim but also file a lawsuit to recover your damages.

Framingham Texting Laws

In Framingham and across the state, drivers face strict limits on the use of mobile devices while behind the wheel. While texting and driving has been unlawful since 2010, the state adopted additional limits on the use of mobile devices in 2019.

Under the law, drivers may not use handheld mobile devices for any purpose. This means it is illegal to check e-mail, send text messages, or scroll the internet while driving. In fact, even making a phone call or dialing a number by hand is barred under the law.

It is still possible to use a mobile device behind the wheel in some cases. Drivers must do so using hands-free headsets or other devices, however. Failing to comply could lead to steep fines.

These laws can also have an impact on civil lawsuits, as well. When a driver violates a statute while driving, the other side could use that as evidence at trial. A conviction for a texting and driving offense could have a tremendous impact at trial. A Framingham texting while driving auto accident lawyer could use a conviction under this statute to great effect at trial.

Time Limits on Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawsuits

When a texting while driving accident results in a driver’s injury, a civil lawsuit could represent that person’s best chance at recovering monetary compensation. However, there are limits on the filing of these claims.

In Framingham, a legal deadline known as the “statute of limitations” prevents a person from bringing a lawsuit after a set amount of time. This statute applies to every type of lawsuit, although the length of time to file a claim varies.

In a texting while driving accident, a plaintiff has three years from the date of the crash to file suit. If they fail to file on time, the consequences are severe. The judge has the power to dismiss a case that does not comply with the statute of limitations with prejudice.

Contact a Framingham Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney

Few activities are as dangerous as texting while driving. If you suffered injuries at the hands of a distracted driver, you have the right to seek compensation from them. With a civil lawsuit, you could recover compensation for your injuries and obtain a measure of justice from the person that harmed you.

Due to the statute of limitations, it is important to move forward with your claim right away. To discuss your options, contact a Framingham texting while driving auto accident lawyer right away.