Framingham Dog Bite Lawyer

Being attacked by a dog could cause victims to sustain injuries and trauma. Victims could suffer scarring and potential infections if their wounds are left untreated. In addition, injured persons may also feel traumatized from the attack.

If you suffered a dog attack and would like to hold the dog owner’s responsible for the payment of damages, schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney today. A Framingham dog bite lawyer could sit with you to understand the circumstances of your case and develop an effective strategy for obtaining compensation. En Español.

Important Factors of a Dog Attack Case

No one should fall victim to a dog bite. Individuals who are harmed by an aggressive animal may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit when certain conditions are met. Per Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 § 155, the owner or caretaker for a dog is responsible for the actions of that animal. With a few exceptions, individuals bit by a canine can seek damages under this statute.

One exception is cases where the plaintiff may be trespassing at the time of the attack. If the individual gained access to the property without permission, the resulting personal injury claim may be nullified. Codified in M.G.L. 140 § 155 is another exception to owner liability. If the plaintiff was engaging in criminal activity at the time of the bite, the owner’s responsibility would likely be invalidated in court.

The statute also makes a provision for provocation. If the injured party was provoking the animal prior to the attack, this may be a disqualifying factor. Since provocation claims are not always straight forward, a Framingham dog bite attorney might be invaluable for clients who are accused of aggravation.

Proving Fault in Framingham Dog Bite Cases

States vary greatly on the issue of owner liability in dog bite cases. Although some states require that a dog have a record of aggressive behavior in order to hold the owner accountable, statutes in Massachusetts are different.

In Massachusetts, dog owners are on the hook for damages caused by their pet. Ignorance of the animal’s violent propensity is not a legal defense. This is referred to as strict liability. Even if the animal has no prior aggressive behaviors, the dog owner will be liable for injuries caused by the animal.

A dog attack lawyer in Framingham can speak to how strict liability may impact specific cases.

Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Claims

Statute of limitations gives a definite deadline for the formal filing of a lawsuit. After this period of time, it may be impossible to recover damages, no matter how warranted the claim might be. Per M. G. L. 260 § 2A, the cutoff for dog bite lawsuits is three years. This three-year period begins on the day of the attack.

An individual cannot decide to levy a civil suit days before the statute of limitations expires. It is important that individuals contact a Framingham dog bite attorney as soon possible so that the legal team can research specifics in clients’ cases.

Picking the Right Framingham Dog Bite Attorney

Not every dog attack case is the same. Likewise, not every dog bite attorney has the local experience and legal know-how to defend your interests in a lawsuit.

Contact an attorney that has experience fighting for victims in Framingham. A Framingham dog bite lawyer can give you peace of mind after your traumatic experience.