Framingham Slip and Fall Lawyer

When you visit the property of a host or business, you have reasonable expectations for your safety. Hazards should be well marked or removed if possible. Walkways should be passable, and lighting should be installed wherever appropriate to protect against falls.

If you were injured while visiting a property, the proprietor may be liable for your injuries. To see if your claim has merit, contact a Framingham slip and fall lawyer immediately. By consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney, you may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable for their carelessness. En Español.

Protections for Welcome Guests

Massachusetts law differentiates between visitors who are welcome and those who are not. On private property, visitors are often houseguests, friends, and family members. In the case of businesses, visitors are usually shoppers, clients, and other patrons.

When welcome visitors enter the residence or the business property, they can expect that the owner has taken proper precautions to keep them safe. When proprietors fail to provide safe conditions for visitors, they may be subject to a slip and fall lawsuit.

Individuals invited to a residence, and shoppers who patronize businesses during regular business hours, have the opportunity to seek damages when they are injured as a result of the negligence of the proprietor. A Framingham slip and fall lawyer could provide more information about fall cases and may be able to advise you on your next steps.

Slip and Fall Laws for Trespassers

Per Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266§120, trespassers are individuals without rights to enter a property. Landowners can expressly inform individuals not to enter the property, or they may post notices on the perimeter of the property.

Typically, unwelcome visitors cannot seek damages in Massachusetts lawsuits. In rare cases, when property owners intentionally create unsafe conditions for trespassers, the proprietors may be held liable for damages in court.

Individuals who are hurt because of the negligence of others suffer not just from bodily injury and emotional distress, but also suffer the violation of trust.

A slip and fall lawyer in Framingham may be able to support injured individuals to file a claim after they are hurt on someone else’s property. An accomplished attorney may be able to pursue damages in the case of a trespasser injured by malicious intent, as well.

Cases Involving Shared Liability in Framingham

In some slip and fall cases, a jury may examine the evidence and decide that both the defendant and plaintiff share partial fault for the incident. This decision is based on relevant facts, such as footwear of the individual, or the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the plaintiff at the time of the fall.

Per M.G.L. Chapter 231 § 85, plaintiffs who were deemed partially responsible for the accident may still file civil claims and are entitled to receive damages after successful litigation. However, this law requires that the money awarded to plaintiffs with shared liability be reduced by the level of comparative negligence of the plaintiff.

Therefore, a claimant who is 20 percent responsible for the fall will see an award of $10,000 reduced to $8,000. This individual would recover the reduced sum. Importantly, plaintiffs may not seek damages if they are determined to be 51 percent or more responsible for the incident. For this reason, claimants would benefit by discussing their situation with a seasoned slip and fall attorney in Framingham before filing their lawsuits.

Select the Right Slip and Fall Lawyer in Framingham

Selecting the proper slip and fall attorney is essential. After suffering a severe fall, you likely have expenses like medical bills and lost wages as you attempt to return to normalcy.

Financial losses, as well as emotional suffering, are recoverable damages in many cases. With the help of a Framingham slip and fall lawyer, you stand a chance at reaching financial relief. To get started on a case, schedule a consultation.