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Truck accidents involve some of the most serious injuries a person could sustain in a crash. Due to the sheer weight and size of a truck, it is not uncommon for victims to incur significant damages. Considering the harsh implications a truck crash could have on a person’s life, victims should investigate the legal options available to them.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should reach out to a trusted injury attorney today. A Framingham truck accident lawyer could work with you to obtain the compensation you deserve. En Español.

Common Damages Sustained in a Truck Wreck

Unfortunately, trucking accidents can result in extremely serious damages. Motorists and pedestrians can suffer significant personal injury, such as whiplash, head trauma, broken bones, and spinal damage.

When personal vehicles collide with commercial trucks, the occupant or occupants of the truck usually fare better. For regular motorists, the medical bills, physical therapy costs, and time without work could negatively impact a person’s finances.

A truck accident attorney in Framingham can assist victims in identifying potential recoverable damages. A seasoned lawyer can provide valuable insight, before a claim moves to trial.

Proving Liability in Trucking Accidents

The job of the plaintiff’s legal team is to demonstrate negligence or recklessness on the part of the truck driver involved in the crash. The attorney may point to a number of facts in the case in order to prove that the trucker was not attentive to the road.

For example, a factor in many 18-wheeler accidents is distracted driving. Sometimes, the truck operators try to do two jobs at once as they drive and arrange logistics on the phone. Without a doubt, truckers already have difficulties seeing small cars on the road, and calls on the cell phone or cab radio only increase these risks.

Due to the size of a tractor-trailer, adhering to the speed limit is of the utmost importance. Speeding trucks are a liability to all others on the road. Thankfully, an attorney may be able to identify evidence of speeding on the part of the trucker and present those findings before the court.

Truckers who fall behind on an assignment may turn to illicit drugs to stay awake. Unfortunately, these substances may also cause a truck operator to drive recklessly. Often, intoxicated truck drivers share responsibility for accidents, as they are unable to react to changes in the road.

Truck accidents leave behind important clues to the causes of the crash. A trained Framingham truck accident lawyer can bring a critical eye to the details of a case in order to help victims.

Economic and Noneconomic Damage Limitations

According to Massachusetts General Law Section 231§6D, plaintiffs may recover both economic and noneconomic damages after an accident. Expressly stated in the law is the right of every plaintiff to seek damages for injury, including reasonable dental and surgical bills resulting from the wreck. M.G.L. Section 231§6D also allows claimants to recover relief for ambulance fees, hospital bills, nursing care, and prosthetic devices. The law stipulates that plaintiffs can claim noneconomic damages, like pain and suffering, only in situations where economic damages are valued at $2,000 or more.

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It is no wonder that state and federal statutes require commercial truckers to go through additional safety training. The risk of personal injury and death for trucking accidents is extremely high, and ordinary motorists are defenseless when truckers drive without prudence.

If you were harmed by a truck driver who failed to yield, check side mirrors, or follow at a safe distance, you may be entitled to serious damages. Contact a Framingham truck accident lawyer immediately for advice in your case.