Revere Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

We all hope to remain healthy and happy, but accidents could happen out of nowhere, leaving you and your family reeling. In the case of permanent debilitating trauma, a Revere catastrophic injury lawyer could help you navigate the complexities of compensation if you suffer a severe, long-term injury.

A permanent injury will impact every aspect of life – work, finances, family – and could overwhelm caretakers and loved ones. A hardworking attorney could help you obtain the compensation you deserve. To get started on a case, be sure to schedule a consultation.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is any personal injury that leaves someone permanently debilitated in some way. This includes injuries to the brain and spinal cord, severe burns and fractures, disfigurements, organ damage, amputations, and paralysis. Often in these cases, the victim will never recover completely, and much if not all functioning could be lost.

If a person is unable to return to work, they will need help navigating the immediate need for financial support as well as a future without the ability to earn an income. A Revere attorney who is familiar with the impact of this kind of devastating event could help the injured and their families start rebuilding lives after a catastrophic event.

What is the Financial Impact of a Catastrophic Injury?

Aside from the obvious burden of medical bills, there is an urgent need for financial support to pay household bills and keep families afloat.  Even with good health insurance, a catastrophic injury could lead to copays that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Revere catastrophic injury lawyer could address those immediate needs and help plan for future support.

In many cases, an injured person will need ongoing hospitalization, medical care, and help in the home. There may be ongoing skilled nursing care and even home renovations to accommodate a disability. While the severely injured person focuses on recovery, their families and loved ones must meet all these financial and personal obligations.

How Does the Litigation Process Work in the Case of Severe Injuries?

According to Massachusetts’ law, an injured person has three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit to recover damages. “Damages” refers to the amount of financial loss they suffered, along with consequential loss of wages and other income in the present and future.  A court may also consider damages for “pain and suffering” and the loss of enjoyment of spousal or family relationships.

It is important to contact a Revere catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible, so they could file a lawsuit on time and start the process of protecting the injured person’s present and future financial state. Often, the attorney may be able to find a way to get some immediate compensation through an insurance policy or other means as they start to build a case against the defendants.

How a Revere Catastrophic Injury Attorney Could Help

When trying to recover damages following a catastrophic injury, you may be intimidated by the lengthy claims process. However, by retaining the services of an attorney, the process for filing an injury claim could be done in a much more efficient manner as opposed to doing it by one’s self.

A Revere catastrophic injury attorney could begin gathering evidence, reviewing insurance policies, and charting a course for your future shortly after the accident. If you are helping your loved one recover, a lawyer who understands the complexities of severe injuries could provide you the guidance and advice you would need throughout the process. To get started, schedule a claim today.