Revere Premises Liability Lawyer

While on a person’s property, injuries could occur if the property owner has failed to maintain a safe environment for guests and visitors. These dangers, or even the lack of appropriate warning signs, could provide grounds for a civil suit should someone sustain injuries as a result of such negligence.

Your life could be negatively impacted upon suffering injuries or related medical conditions resulting from a premises liability accident. If a property owned failed to remove a hazard or did not warn you about the poor conditions of their property, causing you to suffer an injury as a result, it may be necessary to contact a compassionate injury attorney for help with filing a claim. Schedule a consultation with a Revere premises liability lawyer to find out if you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

Negligence in Premises Claims

Negligence is the underlying legal theory at play in premises liability lawsuits. In order for a plaintiff to show proper cause in court, four elements of negligence must be shown in the case. These include:

  • Showing that the defendant had a legal responsibility to use reasonable care in knowing that an obstacle would cause some type of harm
  • Explaining that a breach of legal duty occurred through the defendant’s deviation from reasonable care
  • An act or omission led to critical damages for the victim
  • The damages owed are directly related to the plaintiff’s injuries from the accident

Damages in a premises liability case include past and future medical expenses for injuries, lost wages, and more. Damages could be reduced in a premises liability case if the defense can prove that the plaintiff was responsible for some level of fault in the accident. This means that the plaintiff’s percentage of recovery may be reduced by their assigned level of overall fault.

The comparative fault rule is used during civil litigation for a premises liability case filed by a Revere premises liability lawyer, but can also come up during the settlement negotiations stage of a case outside of court. A landlord, property manager, or property owner could all be named as defendants in a premises liability lawsuit.

Deadline to File a Premises Liability Claim

Massachusetts premises liability cases, including slip and fall accidents, must comply with the statute of limitations. There is a three-year maximum deadline for an injured victim to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. However, there are exceptions. When the injured person is under the age of 18 or is incapacitated by mental illness, the statute of limitations may apply differently.

Further, if the defendant takes steps to conceal the plaintiff’s right to file a lawsuit, the statute of limitations could be extended with the assistance of a Revere premises liability lawyer.

Working with a Revere Premises Liability Attorney

Whether the injuries were due to a cracked sidewalk, slippery floor, an obstruction, or a defective construction project, you should explore your rights to file a civil case if you were hurt on another person’s property. A Revere premises liability lawyer could help with the preparation of the case and navigate your recovery of fair compensation post-accident.