Revere Slip and Fall Lawyer

Hazardous conditions on private property can lead to severe injuries, and medical bills combined with time spent out of work to recover from an injury can generate costly expenses for slip and fall victims. If you were injured while lawfully visiting or passing through another’s property, you should consider speaking to a Revere slip and fall lawyer to assess the possibility of a potential civil claim.

If your accident was wholly or even partially the fault of another person, you should not be responsible for bearing the total cost of your recovery. Whether you need assistance filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney could provide dedicated representation throughout every stage of your case.

About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents fall under the auspices of personal injury and premises liability laws. As such, most resulting civil actions are based on an underlying claim of legal negligence. The presence of a hazardous condition on a property is often the cause of a slip and fall injury. Examples of common condition that may cause such accidents include:

  • Wet floors
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Broken stairways
  • Loose floorboards
  • Poor lighting
  • Ice
  • Potholes
  • Trash or clutter

The presence of these conditions can cause accidents almost anywhere including at work, shopping centers, or the home of a family member or friend. Depending on the location, different parties may be legally liable, so consulting with a Revere slip and fall lawyer may be key to building an effective case against the right defendant.

Establishing a Slip and Fall Case

An individual falling and sustaining an injury is not enough to establish a slip and fall case. The injured party must be able to show that the owner was somehow negligent in maintaining their property. There are four basic elements of a slip and fall case that must be demonstrated in order for a plaintiff to be successful:

  • The property owner owed them a duty of reasonable care
  • The property owner breached their duty
  • The breach of duty directly caused injury to the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff suffered compensable physical damages

Shared Fault

Property owners are not always solely to blame for slip and fall accidents. In fact, property owners often attempt to convince the court that the injured party in a slip and fall case is at least partially to blame for their own injuries. The property owner may argue that the injured party should have seen the danger, was not paying attention to their surroundings, or should have heeded posted warnings.

If the court does find the injured party to be partially at fault, this does not necessarily mean they are barred from recovery. Under the modified comparative negligence system followed in Massachusetts, an injured party in Revere would not be barred from recovery unless they are more than 50 percent at fault for the accident.

This system makes it worthwhile for an injured party to bring a claim even if some degree of fault may be attributable to them. However, recoverable damages would still be reduced proportionately according to the percentage of fault attributable to the injured party.

Statute of Limitations for Revere Slip and Fall Cases

It is important to know the applicable statute of limitations whenever contemplating filing a lawsuit. Every cause of action has an applicable statute of limitations, which is essentially a time limit the plaintiff has to file their claim.

It is always advantageous to file a claim as soon as possible after sustaining an injury. At most, however, Revere slip and fall victims have up to three years following the date of the accident to file their claim without running afoul of the statute of limitations.

Speaking with a Revere Slip and Fall Attorney

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. To get started working on your personal injury case with a talented Revere slip and fall lawyer, call today for more information.