Roxbury Failure to Yield Lawyer

When you are waiting to cross an intersection or enter a rotary and another driver does not yield as they should they place you and others at risk. Failing to abide by basic traffic laws could cause devastating accidents—but if one does happen, though, a Roxbury failure to yield lawyer may be able to protect your rights.

In addition to collecting evidence and information on your behalf, an experienced car accident lawyer could use that evidence to demonstrate negligence and present a favorable claim. With the assistance of a legal professional, you may be able to hold an at-fault driver responsible for damages you have suffered.

Failure to Yield Causes

Drivers engaging in risky behavior could result in distracted driving and a failure to yield appropriately. Though failing to yield is a violation of traffic law, those who fail to yield could be engaging in additional negligent action, including:

A Roxbury failure to yield attorney could advise on the level of negligence present in a case and assist with investigating the potential cause. Establishing the cause of such an incident may benefit individuals who are seeking recovery, especially if the court determines an at-fault party engaged in flagrantly negligent behavior such as drunk driving.

Understanding Negligence and Duty of Care

All drivers possess a duty of care to protect others by adhering to traffic signals, stop signs, and traffic laws. Failing to meet this duty of care may result in negligent behavior and may make a driver liable for the accidents and injuries they cause. Many successful cases in Roxbury rely on a plaintiff or their failure to yield lawyer proving that negligence influenced a driver’s failure to yield.

A positive demonstration of negligence may require collecting and presenting witness statements or police reports, cell phone records, traffic camera footage of the accident, and more. Any evidence collected must be appropriately maintained and cataloged before being presented at a trial, which is another area in which an experienced Roxbury failure to yield lawyer could provide significant assistance.

Recoverable Compensation

Injured persons in Roxbury are allowed to seek payment, or compensation, for damages sustained during an accident and from subsequent injury. Damages are commonly categorized as either economic or non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages help compensate for objective harm or damage with a clear and distinct value. These typically include medical bills, the cost of property replacement or damage, the cost of car repair, and lost wages or earning potential.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are more subjective, as they help to compensate for the non-tangible harm a victim suffers. This may include pain and suffering, a loss of enjoyment in life, or similar damages. These damages are capped by Massachusetts General Laws ch. 231, §60H, though extenuating circumstances may alter the limit.

Non-economic damages are often difficult to quantify by nature. However, seasoned Roxbury car accident lawyers may rely on damages in similar cases or connect harmed plaintiffs with expert witnesses to ensure compensation accurately reflects the level of harm suffered.

Contact a Roxbury Failure to Yield Attorney

If another driver failed to yield the right of way to you, there is a clear path for recovery. Through evidence collection and experienced litigation, an aggressive

A Roxbury failure to yield lawyer may be able to help you develop a favorable claim.

Every case is unique, and there are many different avenues available for recovery. Reach out as soon as possible to discuss the circumstances of your accident and to begin the process of protecting your rights.