Settling Roxbury Car Accidents

There are many different ways a person can become injured in a car accident. Driving over the speed limit or operating while distracted are two leading causes of collisions. If you were injured because another driver acted negligently, consider speaking with an attorney. They could examine your case and discuss potential legal options. In many cases, settling Roxbury car accidents could provide an injured person with a more controlled and stable outcome than a trial. Call and schedule an appointment with an experienced car accident attorney to start assessing different courses of action.

Information to Bring to an Initial Consultation

When a person meets with a lawyer for an initial consultation about a car accident, they should take with them all information they have about the matter. In the case of bad injuries, they may not have much because they were rushed to a hospital by an ambulance. However and if possible, they should bring:

  • The police report
  • The other driver’s information
  • The names of both insurance companies
  • A list of how many people were in each vehicle
  • Any photographs or video of the accident scene
  • Medical care records detailing any sustained injuries

This information could allow an attorney to review the car accident in a more comprehensive manner. When an attorney has a deeper understanding of what happened during the crash, they may be able to more effectively explain how the different aspects of settling Roxbury car accidents could impact a person’s case.

Settlement Options

In Roxbury, there are two main options for reaching a settlement in a car accident case. One option includes negotiating with the insurance company and the other option is to file a lawsuit with the insurance company for the correct value of the claim. To begin the settlement process, an attorney could present all the evidence in support of an injured person’s claim to the insurer. The insurer could evaluate the claim and then potentially respond with an offer. If they cannot settle it, the claimant may have an option to file a lawsuit and potentially proceed to trial. To learn more about settling Roxbury car accidents, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney and they could help explain the different steps that may be involved.

When Might an Attorney Recommend Settling

A lawyer may recommend that a claimant consider settling a case in specific situations, but the decision to accept an offer is ultimately up to the injured individual. A common reason for an attorney to advocate for accepting a settlement offer is because they believe the claimant may be unable to recover more through a trial.

Settling Car Accident Cases in Roxbury with a Skilled Lawyer

If you sustained injuries and property damage following a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you may be eligible to pursue compensation. An injured person does not have to handle costly medical bills and extensive property damage alone, a dedicated injury attorney could research different legal options that may provide financial relief. Call and schedule an appointment with an adept car accident attorney to learn about the process of settling Roxbury car accidents.