Calculating Roxbury Car Accident Settlements

Car accidents can be an overwhelming experience. During an accident you may sustain serious injuries and damage to your car as well. Seeking treatment for your injuries and trying to repair your car can be expensive, especially because they are unanticipated costs. While you could pursue damages by filing a claim, settlements are also an option. If you want to know more about calculating Roxbury car accident settlements, speak with a skilled car accident lawyer that could help.

Determining the Settlement Amount

There are a lot of people involved in calculating Roxbury car accident settlements. Because the injured party ultimately has to be one who accepts the settlement, they determine what the case is worth. The individual is the one who has to accept an offer.

Based on all the information, the lawyer and potential client will decide if the accident victim should take the offer or file a suit. Ultimately, injured party makes that final decision regardless of the lawyer’s advice.

Process of Calculating a Settlement

Many factors go into what a settlement number is going to be or what a case is worth. If a person is in an accident in Roxbury or anywhere in Massachusetts, ultimately the objective is to settle the case and the value is based on the injury.

Injuries can be mental or physical. They can be minor, severe, or permanent. A person can be completely healed by the end of it and the easiest way to prove that is medical records and medical bills to show the insurance company and even the lawyers the extent of the treatment. That gives them an idea of what has been going on, since every case is different.

A 20-year-old involved in the same accident as a 50-year-old will heal differently. There are many factors involved. Where was the person sitting in the car? Were they wearing a seatbelt? Are they missing time from work? Are they able to leave the house?

Attorney’s Role in Calculating a Car Accident Settlement

The job of a lawyer is to paint the picture of how this case has affected a potential client’s life and somehow and some way, put a dollar on everything. There is no perfect calculation for this, but ultimately the value of the case is driven by the injury. The worse the injury, the more the case is worth.

Ways the Victim’s Negligence Can Effect the Settlement Amount

Negligence on the part of the injured person affects the settlement amount. If the injured person is found to be partially negligent and the other party is not 100% involved, that absolutely affects how much the case is worth. If the other party is only 80% at fault, they pay 80% of it, and so forth, so it is mathematical. This is the law in Massachusetts, but every state is different.

In Massachusetts, however, if they go over 50%, they cannot recover at all. As long as they are 50% at fault or under, then they can recover .

How a Roxbury Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

When calculating Roxbury car accident settlements, car accident attorneys evaluate the injured party’s case. They send a demand package to the insurance company and try to get the numbers up as high as possible. They handle the case from A to Z and fight for every penny and nickel for the individual. If  a person has been injured in a car accident and is considering settling, they should consult a capable car accident attorney that could help.