Roxbury Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

After a side-impact collision, your main priority should be healing from your physical injuries, but you may also wish to consider how you will protect yourself and your future. In addition to mounting medical expenses, forceful insurance providers may overwhelm you with questions that you cannot answer. A Roxbury side-impact car accident lawyer could prevent you from saying the wrong thing and jeopardizing your chance at recovery. Allowing a dedicated car accident attorney to communicate with insurance companies on your behalf could help protect you while you focus on healing.

What is a Side-Impact Accident?

Also known as a “T-bone” or “broadside” collision, side-impact car accidents are increasingly common on Roxbury streets. Some of the most serious injuries in Roxbury are the result of side-impact accidents because these accidents impact vehicles—and those inside—where they are most vulnerable.

Impact to the front and back of a vehicle may be absorbed by the vehicle itself and help protect those inside. However, a side-impact car accident could place the majority of the force directly on the human body. The leads to increased injuries and a higher chance of long-term pain, expensive automobile damage, and potential suffering. Regardless of the factors surrounding the accident, a skilled Roxbury side-impact car accident lawyer could advocate on an injured individual’s behalf.

How To Begin the Recovery Process After a Side-Impact Crash

Collecting as much information as possible after an accident is often beneficial. Although evidence may become more difficult to obtain as time passes, an experienced side-impact crash attorney in Roxbury could collect and preserve documentation of an accident and the resulting harm. This evidence could establish liability and lead to compensation during civil lawsuits and negotiations with insurance companies.

After an attorney is consulted, it is crucial to file a lawsuit within the proper time frame. The statute of limitations in Massachusetts General Laws Ch 260 § 2A requires those seeking recovery through a civil lawsuit to file a claim within three years of the date of the accident. Failure to file could result in plaintiffs being unable to recover damages.

Proving Negligence In A T-Bone Collision Case

All drivers owe a duty to drive responsibly. When someone owes a duty to others and fails to live up to that duty, they may be held liable for the harm that results. Operating at excessive speed or failing to stop at a designated light or sign are examples of actions that could cause a T-bone accident.

If a driver behaves in this manner, their actions may amount to an act of negligence. Once negligence is established, a diligent Roxbury side-impact car accident lawyer could work with an injured plaintiff to demonstrate harm and fight for compensation.

Damages may be available to compensate lost wages, reduced future income, and medical expenses. In addition to the financial harm a person sustains, the law allows the court to award monetary compensation for the non-economic effects of an accident. These may include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation for these factors could also contribute to any potential settlement offer.

Let a Roxbury Car Accident Attorney Help You Recover Potential Compensation

If you are injured as the result of a side-impact car accident, you could recover the compensation needed to return your normal life. A well-practiced Roxbury side-impact car accident lawyer could review settlement offers and negotiate with insurance companies to fight for a fair recovery for your situation. Before speaking to insurance providers, consider speaking to a seasoned attorney who could help you recover.  Call now to schedule a free consultation and begin working on your claim.