Roxbury Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Uber provides an excellent way to make extra money. Coupled with the number of traditional taxis in Roxbury, however, all the additional cars on the road taking part in this ridesharing service increase the likelihood that you may be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, ridesharing services such as Uber—as well as classical taxicab companies—are notorious for attempting to shift blame or avoid paying damages, but that does not mean you are not entitled to seek damages along with a car accident attorney’s assistance. An aggressive Roxbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help you navigate a legal claim, communicate with insurances companies on your behalf, and fight for a desirable outcome. Call a skilled car accident attorney and schedule an appointment to start discussing your potential legal outcomes.

Who Could You Recover from After an Uber or Taxi Accident?

Since traditional cabs and Ubers drivers operate under different employment standards, one of the challenges after a taxi accident is determining who, exactly, is liable for damages. Consequently, it may prove beneficial to consult a seasoned Roxbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer for answers regarding potential liability.

Traditional Taxis

Taxi drivers sometimes own their own vehicles, meaning that driver would be solely liable for any accidents they cause. However, in other cases, harmed individuals may be able to recover damages from the company overseeing a cab driver if that company failed to perform their duty of care, such as by failing to conduct inspections or routine maintenance service.


While Uber as a company maintains insurance coverage for accidents, recovering compensation could be tricky. Importantly, the company does not consider itself to be a car service, and drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees. This may complicate an injured person’s ability to financially recover.

A skilled Uber/taxi accident lawyer in Roxbury could be positioned to help injured individuals understand who may bear liability for damages. They could provide both experience and knowledge to a civil recovery effort, so injured individuals could take the first step towards recovery.

Recovery for Uber and Taxi Passengers

Anyone injured in a car collision could be eligible to recover for the damages they suffer, regardless of whether they were riding in an Uber, taxi, or privately owned vehicle. However, Uber and taxi passengers involved in accidents may seek damages from different sources.

Uber passengers are generally entitled to seek damages from their driver’s insurance if their driver is the at-fault party. However, injured people could also seek damages from the company itself, depending on the circumstances surrounding a crash. In a traditional taxi accident, any negligence that occurred—such as faulty or non-existent seat belts—may allow an injured passenger to recover damages from the owner of the cab, the taxi service, and the driver.

Filing Deadline for Uber/Taxi Accidents

There is a legal deadline, called a statute of limitations, for filing claims regarding car accident injuries, including crashes involving Ubers and taxis. Massachusetts General Law ch. 260, §2A sets this deadline at three years from the date of the accident. Generally, this statute of limitations is a firm deadline. However, certain circumstances may alter the date by which a claim must be filed. An accomplished attorney could help an injured individual file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Allow a Roxbury Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney to Assist

Uber and taxi accident claims are influenced by more factors than traditional car accidents. If you sustained injuries in such an accident, contacting a dedicated Roxbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer as soon as possible should be a priority.

It may prove beneficial to contact legal counsel early to ensure they can help you collect accurate witness statements, build a claim, and properly file before the statute of limitations expires. After an accident involving a taxi, Uber, or another ridesharing vehicle, schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable attorney to discuss your potential case.