Roxbury Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are not uncommon and may occur in various different ways. Some burn injuries are the result of accidents, but other burn injuries may result from the negligence of others. Whether a burn injury stems from automobile accidents, gas explosions, electric or chemical burns, or hot liquid spills, if it was caused by a negligent party, a Roxbury burn injury lawyer could help you hold them accountable.

If you suffered burn injuries due to the carelessness of another person, consider contacting a knowledgeable attorney for assistance. They could help navigate the legal system and explain the process for pursuing compensation. Arrange an appointment to begin discussing potential legal strategies.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

The American Burn Association typically defines catastrophic burn injuries as those that cover more than 20 percent of a person’s body. This may include:

  • First and second-degree burns, which often affect superficial layers of the skin
  • Third-degree burns, which may affect deeper tissues and could result in white or blackened, charred skin that may become numb
  • Fourth-degree burns, which commonly affect not only the skin but the underlying tendons and bones

Those who are burned in an accident may need immediate medical attention and often require surgery, physical rehabilitation, and perhaps life-long assisted care. Individuals who sustain severe burns may experience permanent scarring, hypovolemia, shock, loss of limbs, and even death in some circumstances. Given the potential severity of these injuries, a person may want to consider speaking with a Roxbury burn injury lawyer who could help them receive compensation for their losses.

Establishing Negligence in a Burn Injury

Burns may result from accidents caused by the negligent actions of individuals or from defective or malfunctioning products. Examples of negligence that could lead to burn injuries include drivers who cause accidents while intoxicated, property owners who fail to keep emergency exits sufficiently clear and open for someone to escape a fire, and owners of apartment buildings who neglect to remedy gas leaks that may result in explosions.

To support a claim for negligence in Roxbury, a person who suffered a burn injury must typically prove that others owed them a duty of care, that they breached that duty of care, that their breach caused the accident which led to their injuries. For example, the owners of a movie theatre that is open to the public are generally required by law to maintain a certain number of emergency exits that are clear for someone to use if necessary. If the owners barricade or otherwise block these exits and a fire breaks out, a person attending a movie may suffer a burn injury. In this situation, owners could be held liable for the resulting injuries.

Burns from Defective Products

Burn injuries also may result from products used by consumers. One way for manufacturers and distributors to be held liable in court for injuries caused by their products may involve an injured person to show that the products either have a defective design or a manufacturing defect. Alternatively, manufacturers may be liable for products causing injuries if they failed to adequately warn someone who purchased the product of the dangers of using the product or if they did not provide adequate instructions with the product.

All of these situations may lead to a breach of the implied warranty of merchantability, a breach of the duty of care, or a violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93A of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. Manufacturers could be liable under these theories for the injuries that allegedly resulted from the use of their products.

How a Roxbury Burn Injury Attorney May Help

Whether you sustained serious burn injuries using a defective product or in an accident caused by another’s negligence, you may be facing significant medical expenses and physical therapy costs. You also may be unable to work or produce any type of income for a prolonged period of time. A Roxbury burn injury lawyer could investigate your case and evaluate it. Contact a seasoned injury attorney who could help advocate on your behalf and determine the value of your claim.