Roxbury Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

According to Harvard University research, side effects caused by prescription medication results in 128,000 fatalities each year. This statistic does not even include deaths caused by overdoses or prescription errors. Prescription drugs also have a one in five chance of causing serious reactions after they are available to consumers. When a prescription or over the counter medicine is determined to be more harmful than helpful, it is classified as a dangerous drug.

Unfortunately, for some people, a dangerous drug classification and recall can come too late. If are injured because of a manufacturer’s or another party’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. A compassionate personal injury attorney could review the facts of your case and determine a strategy to pursue a fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Obtain a Roxbury dangerous drugs lawyer to get started on your claim. En Español.

Common Signs of a Dangerous Drug

Those who trusted a dangerous drug to help them may experience side effects that are often mistaken for unrelated diseases or conditions. Some of the common side effects of dangerous drugs include:

  • Stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart attack
  • Cancer
  • Death
  • Moods swings and irritability

If an individual is experiencing health issues they suspect have been caused by prescription or over the counter medications, contacting a Roxbury dangerous drugs lawyer immediately could be an important step in seeking compensation.

Drug Recalls

When a drug is recalled, it is either permanently or temporarily removed from the market. This often depends on the level of hazard involved.

The FDA classifies recalls into three separate categories:

  • Dangerous or defective drugs, which are most likely to cause a serious injury or death
  • Temporarily harmful drugs, which may cause a temporary reaction but are not likely to cause a serious health problem
  • Not harmful drugs, which may not be likely to cause an adverse health reaction but might have been recalled for mislabeling or a manufacturing violation.

Regardless of the recall classification, a lawyer could represent those who were seriously injured by taking medications from any of the three categories. For those with prior medical conditions or allergies, even taking a medication classified as “not harmful” because it had the wrong label on it could cause severe injuries and may be legally compensable.

Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Deadline Complications

Massachusetts law sets a strict statute of limitations, which is generally three years from the date of injury, for filing injury claims. This filing time limit can create complications for those who discover that a medication they took years ago may be the cause or contributed to causing their current disease.

However, pharmaceutical companies, testing labs, or other companies involved in the drug manufacturing and distribution process could be held legally responsible for injuries caused by dangerous drugs.

Roxbury dangerous drug lawyers understand that many people are harmed by medications long before the side effects are known or the drug is recalled. As such, they could work to build a case and fight to hold drug manufacturers accountable for injuries caused by defective drugs.

Contact a Roxbury Dangerous Drug Attorney

If you or a loved one is experiencing side effects or a medical condition related to a medication you used, a Roxbury dangerous drug lawyer could help you fight for your rights against big pharmaceutical companies. Although money cannot change the pain and suffering you have endured, compensation could help put you on the path to recovery.

Call our dangerous drug attorneys today, especially before talking to insurance companies. We can help you understand your legal options, negotiate with the defendant and their insurance, and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.