Roxbury Defective Products Lawyer

A product may be defective even if it is not visibly so, such as when an individual removes a new appliance from the box and finds it is not working properly. Defective products claims can involve much more than the inconvenience of returning a broken item to the store.

Defective products are known to cause thousands of serious injuries each year and can also result in property damage or death. Common types of products liability claims include auto parts, industrial products, medical equipment, and toys.

If you were harmed by a malfunctioning product, a Roxbury defective products lawyer is ready to help you obtain the justice and compensation that you deserve. A skilled personal injury attorney could help you build your claim by establishing proof of the responsible party’s liability.

Types of Defective Product Claims

Injuries caused by defective products typically fall into one of three categories, which are defects in design, defects in manufacturing, and failure to warn.

Defects in Design

In this case, an entire line of products may be flawed. For example, a particular model of a pickup truck may have faulty airbags that explode on impact, causing injury to passengers.

Defects in Manufacturing

These defects usually include an error or mishap in the manufacturing of a product. An example is a contaminated bottle of children’s aspirin.

Failure to Warn

For products that may have dangerous qualities or potential side effects, manufacturers must provide adequate warnings to allow the consumer to avoid harm. For example, medications must have warnings about side effects and the hazards associated with taking the prescription with other medications.

For those who suspect their injuries were caused by product defects, problems in the manufacturing process, or a failure to properly market the product, a Roxbury defective products attorney could help to answer questions and provide options.

Products Liability Law in Massachusetts

Massachusetts products liability law protects consumers from defective goods that cause serious injury. As a result, a consumer has the right to file a claim against the manufacturer, designer, wholesaler, retailer, or any other party involved in allowing a defective product to make its way into the market.

Most defective products claims are filed under a breach of warranty or negligence. According to Massachusetts laws on warranty, when a consumer buys a product, it is implied that the product can be used for its intended purpose. In this case, the term warranty may be synonymous with promise.

Some warranties are implied according to the product being sold. For example, a hairdryer is promised to dry hair. Other warranties are based on a claim that the manufacturer or seller has made. For example, the previously mentioned hairdryer might be touted as the fastest drying hairdryer between two competitors. When a product fails to do the job that was implied in warranty, it can be classified as defective.


In addition to breach of warranty, a seller or manufacturer of a harmful product can also be held legally responsible for negligent acts or omissions. In this case, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant allowed a defective product to be placed on the market due to carelessness or a disregard for the safety of others. A seasoned lawyer has experience assigning negligence in these types of cases.

Call a Roxbury Defective Products Attorney

If you are dealing with injuries or the death of a loved one due to a product defect, a compassionate Roxbury defective products lawyer understands that you may be facing financial consequences and mental anguish. An accomplished lawyer could help you obtain the justice you deserve by standing by your side at every step of the process. Call today so a legal professional could begin diligently building your case for the fair compensation you and your family are entitled to under the law.