Roxbury Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Walking has excellent health benefits and is an enjoyable pastime for many. Unfortunately, sometimes a healthy walk can become dangerous when a pedestrian is hit by a car or another vehicle. Pedestrian accidents can lead to serious and occasionally fatal injuries.

If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, you may need to speak with a Roxbury pedestrian accident lawyer. Aggressive personal injury attorneys could help guide you through the process of filing a claim for compensation for your injuries from the person or entity responsible for causing them.

Laws Applicable to Pedestrians in Roxbury

It is generally understood that cars and other vehicles should watch out for pedestrians. However, this does not mean that a pedestrian does not also have responsibilities to avoid potential injuries. In many cases, vehicles are obligated by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 89 §11 to stop for pedestrians if they are in a marked crosswalk where there are no traffic control signals in the area.

However, Massachusetts requires pedestrians to yield the right of way to vehicles where there is no marked crosswalk or the pedestrian is jaywalking under MA Gen L ch 90 §18A. A Roxbury pedestrian injury attorney could help determine whether a valid claim for compensation exists after a pedestrian accident.

Determining Fault

If someone causes harm to someone else through their own negligence, Massachusetts civil law holds that they can be held accountable to pay damages to the injured party or parties. However, the degree that any party may be held accountable in this way depends on how directly responsible they were for the injury.

The comparative negligence law applicable to Roxbury, MA Gen L ch 231 §85, states that as long as the injured party is not more than 50 percent responsible than any other party for their injury, they may recover from other responsible parties. However, such recovery would be reduced by the percentage of fault of the injured party. If, for example, an injured party is determined to be 33 percent responsible for the accident, their final damage award would be decreased by 33 percent. A seasoned lawyer is experienced in assigning fault and helping injured individuals collect the damages that they deserve.

Recoverable Collision Damages

Especially when a motor vehicle is involved, pedestrian accidents can cause significant injuries that take a long time to heal and may result in prohibitively expensive medical bills and associated costs. Recoverable damages in a successful Roxbury pedestrian accident suit may include:

  • Lost wages and any future work impairment due to the accident
  • Pain and suffering arising from an accident
  • Medical expenses and post-accident medical treatment costs

Time Limits for Walking Accidents

Bad timing often leads to accidents. In the same vein, any stress resulting from an accident could compound if an injured party does not protect their rights in a timely manner.

Under MA Gen L ch 260 §4, Massachusetts generally has a three-year statute of limitations for most negligence claims, including those centered around pedestrian accidents. As such, it may be prudent for someone involved in a walking accident to seek legal counsel from a Roxbury pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible so their rights may be preserved against the offending party or parties in time.

How a Roxbury Pedestrian Accident Attorney Could Help

Even in the best of situations, a pedestrian accident can cause sudden stress and significant life changes. In more severe cases, the physical pain, financial impact, and queries from lawyers and insurance people that follow such an incident can be overwhelming.

Under such circumstances, you may benefit substantially from the help of a Roxbury pedestrian injury lawyer who could work to relieve you of present and future burdens related to medical costs and time away from work. Let a local attorney assist you from start to finish—call today to get started pursuing any recovery you may be entitled to.