Somerville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In the warmer months, large numbers of cyclists can be seen in and throughout Somerville. Unfortunately, though, not all these bike rides end well. Sometimes bike riders and motorists collide, often resulting in significant injuries to the comparatively unprotected cyclist.

If this happens to you because of another driver or pedestrian’s negligent actions, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party with assistance from a dedicated personal injury attorney. If you would like to know whether this is an option in your case, a Somerville bicycle accident lawyer could help you explore your options. En Español.

Liability in Bicycle Accidents

Most of the time, bicycle accidents happen because a driver hits a cyclist with their vehicle—and in most of those cases, the driver is the party at fault. Although cyclists also have some responsibilities on the road, most cyclists abide by these responsibilities in order to keep themselves safe.

When a motorist drives in a way that would not reasonably keep everyone on the roads safe and injures a cyclist as a result, they may be found civilly liable for any ensuing damages. Furthermore, if the injured cyclist files a lawsuit in order to claim compensation, the negligent driver could be required to pay compensation to the cyclist for their injuries, as well as any property damage done to their bicycle.

Lawsuits Against Government Entities

In some instances, subpar road conditions or unsafe government property may be partially or fully to blame for a bicycle accident. When this is the case, the cyclist would need to file a lawsuit against the government entity responsible for maintaining that property in order to recover compensation.

Lawsuits filed against the government are often notoriously difficult to pursue. They have their own timelines and rules, many of which are not common knowledge. Because of that, it is often crucial that anyone wishing to seek compensation for their injuries after a bicycle accident seek assistance from a Somerville bicycle accident lawyer, especially when filing against the government.

Insurance Issues in Bicycle Accidents

It is easy to assume that insurance will not be an issue after a bicycle accident caused by someone else, but this is not necessarily true. If an injured cyclist or any family member in their household has auto insurance, the injured party may need to seek compensation from the insurance company first before filing a civil suit.

That being said, if the injuries meet the tort threshold, a lawsuit could still be filed. In order to meet that tort threshold, the prospective plaintiff must be able to show that they suffered permanent disfigurement or scarring, broken bones, or damage to their vision or hearing.

Because bicycle accidents are so severe, many cases meet this threshold. Many times, bicycle accidents result in more serious injuries than car wrecks. However, an injured individual may still have to deal with their insurance company at some point, which can be tricky to manage during a time of recovery. A Somerville bicycle accident lawyer could deal with insurance companies on the injured person’s behalf and demonstrate to the courts that they do meet the tort threshold.

Getting Help from a Somerville Bicycle Accident Attorney

Many bicycle accident victims are entitled to compensation for damages such as medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Unfortunately, this compensation is not always as easy to get as it should be.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident, speak to a Somerville bicycle accident lawyer today to get professional assistance with your recovery. These are often extremely complicated cases, but a qualified attorney could help you get the restitution you deserve.