Somerville Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

While driving under the influence is a criminal offense, anyone who drives while drunk could be held civilly liable for the damage, injury, or accident they cause. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is one of the most reckless actions a person can take.

While the aftermath of a crash can be devastating, a Somerville drunk driving car accident lawyer could help protect your interests and advise you on potential legal actions. In addition to filing a claim on your behalf, your proactive personal injury attorney could explain and apply relevant Massachusetts laws, take the lead in settlement negotiations with aggressive insurance companies, and work to collect evidence of the defendant’s inebriated state to support a favorable verdict.

Drunk Driving and Negligence

Generally, plaintiffs in an injury case must demonstrate that a defendant’s carelessness—legally known as negligence—was the direct cause of an accident. However, Somerville operates under the legal concept of negligence per se.

Negligence per se applies when injury results from a violation of the law. In these cases, the court generally assumes that breaking the law places a defendant at fault. In a drunk driving case, this law could be an important component of an injured person’s negligence claim.

Consequently, one of the most critical aspects for a positive verdict is often providing evidence that a defendant was intoxicated at the time of the accident. A Somerville drunk driving car accident lawyer could assist with evidence collection, including accessing police reports or finding proof of a Massachusetts operating under the influence (OUI) charge.

Possible Damages in Drunk Driving Car Accident Cases

The goal of a drunk driving car accident claim is to return the plaintiff to the same state of life as before an accident. While physical healing takes care and time, injured parties can seek payment for their financial losses in the meantime. Compensation in successful drunk driving car accident lawsuits regularly includes coverage for medical costs related to an accident, such as hospital bills or expensive prescription medications.

In addition, continual hospital visits or long-term stays may cause an injured person to miss work and lose wages. In many cases, legal counsel may suggest seeking payment for time taken from employment, as well as compensation for property—such as a home or car—damaged in a drunk driving accident.

Finally, injured people may see dramatic changes to their quality of life. In light of this, plaintiffs may request damages to compensate for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, or other significant lifestyle changes stemming from the incident. A drunk driving car accident lawyer in Somerville could help injured individuals quantify the economic value of these types of intangible harms.

How a Somerville Drunk Driving Car Accident Attorney Could Help

The negligent choices of a drunk driver often leads to injury. Even when individuals are able to walk away from an accident, they may require intensive medical care or endure changes to their quality of life. Fortunately, you could seek recovery after such a crash with the help of a dedicated Somerville drunk driving car accident lawyer.

Whether you were another driver, a pedestrian, or a passenger in a drunk driver’s car, it may be possible to seek payment for your losses. Allow an attorney to advocate on your behalf, collect evidence, examine police reports, and communicate with insurance companies to fight for a favorable outcome. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.