Somerville Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Failing to properly yield while entering a rotary, stopping at a stop sign, or proceeding through an intersection is a leading cause of car accidents in Somerville. Although failure to yield accidents may be caused by simple errors, the injuries from a resulting accident could be devastating. However, it is often possible to hold those who violate the law accountable for their actions. In addition to gathering vital evidence in a case, a Somerville failure to yield accident lawyer could help you demonstrate negligent action to insurance companies and courts. Although seeking recovery after any car accident can be frustrating, a dedicated car accident attorney may be able to communicate effectively with insurance companies on your behalf and aggressively work to protect your rights.

Yield Laws Applicable to Somerville

The Massachusetts state legislature has enacted statutes to clearly establish who has the right of way in potentially confusing traffic situations. Legally, all vehicles must yield to drivers already in an intersection, and drivers must yield to those on the right-hand side if they approach an intersection simultaneously. Furthermore, all motorists are expected to comply with traffic control signals.

Failing to abide by any of these laws violates the duty of care drivers hold to others on the road. Whenever a person violates a traffic law and causes injury to another, it is possible their actions could amount to negligence.

In these cases, a Somerville failure to yield accident lawyer could answer questions regarding Massachusetts’ yield laws and potential claims, including what damages are potentially compensable. Depending on their individual circumstances, injured parties could seek compensation for their injuries, property damage, and other harm sustained.

Yield Laws in Accident Claims

Massachusetts General Laws ch.89 §9 states that failing to yield is prima facie evidence of negligence. Generally, this means the court would assume an individual is at fault for an accident if they are cited for failure to yield. This can be impactful for plaintiffs who are seeking potential damages.

Usually, injured parties are tasked with demonstrating how negligence caused an accident when they seek legal action. However, in failure to yield cases, Somerville plaintiffs are only tasked with proving an accident caused injury and resulted in damages. This may be accomplished through documentation of medical expenses or pain suffered.

An experienced failure to yield accident lawyer in Somerville could assist with quantifying damages to ensure potential compensation is fair. However, potential plaintiffs may wish to contact an attorney relatively soon after a crash, as the Massachusetts statute of limitations for civil cases stipulates that a claim must be filed within three years of the date of the accident for victims to be able to recover.

Allow a Somerville Failure to Yield Accident Attorney to Help

Any car accident places people in a difficult situation. Severe injuries may necessitate weeks or months of extensive medical treatment to fully heal, which may require significant time away from work. Given the additional stress of insurance companies denying liability or offering unfair settlements, this could make recovering a challenge.

While no accident is simple, a dedicated Somerville failure to yield accident lawyer could highlight clear violations of traffic law to help you proactively pursue recovery. Your attorney may be able to collect powerful evidence such as police reports, communicate with insurance companies, and review any potential settlement offers to ensure your rights are protected. Call today to schedule a free consultation, discuss your accident, and learn more about your options.