Somerville Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Many of the cars on Somerville roads are Ubers, Lyfts, and traditional taxis. Though service drivers bear an obligation to drive responsibly, an accident involving these individuals may have different legal ramifications than accidents involving common motorists.

For this reason, anyone involved in an accident with the driver of a ridesharing service may wish to consult with a Somerville Uber/Taxi accident lawyer to discuss a potential claim. A qualified personal injury attorney may be able to provide insight into the employment classification of ridesharing services, how you should file any ensuing civil case after a crash, and potential sources of compensation.

Uber Drivers as Independent Contractors

The employment classification of a ridesharing driver may impact the ability of an accident victim to seek compensation. For example, Uber and Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors, which means they are solely liable for their actions just like any other driver on the road. Because of this, Uber may not bear a legal obligation to provide compensation to people injured by an Uber driver’s negligence.

For this reason, claims against an Uber driver are generally pursued against an individual or compensated by a personal insurance company. Since insurance companies may have special provisions for individuals who drive with a ridesharing service versus with a taxi company, potential plaintiffs may find discussing claims with a dedicated Uber/Taxi accident lawyer in Somerville informative and helpful with their pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Pursuing Claims Against Taxi Drivers

Unlike ridesharing service drivers, taxi drivers are usually considered employees of a parent company. As such, both the driver and the taxi service could be named in a civil suit and may bear liability for injuries sustained. Generally, employers assume legal obligation for any harm caused during an employee’s normal performance of job duties, which may include car crashes caused by taxi drivers.

Regardless of a potential defendant’s employment status as a traditional taxi driver or ridesharing service driver, most favorable verdicts rely on a plaintiff demonstrating negligence. Thankfully, a Somerville Uber/Taxi accident lawyer may be able to assist with this by collecting evidence of negligent action and harm sustained, including medical or police reports.

After legally demonstrating negligence, those injured could receive payment from the at-fault parties in the form of damages. While some damages, such as medical expenses, can be assigned clear dollar values, other harms are more subjective. For this reason, injured parties may request the assistance of legal counsel with quantifying economic losses, mental anguish, and the pain suffered due to a crash to ensure fair compensation is provided.

Working with a Somerville Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

Whether Uber as a company should bear liability for the actions of drivers remains a controversial area of law. Currently, Uber drivers are independent contractors in Massachusetts and thus retain liability for their actions. Conversely, traditional taxi drivers are considered employees of their companies. In either event, injured individuals have the right to demand compensation for either party.

A Somerville Uber/Taxi accident lawyer could help injured individuals pursue claims against drivers for appropriate damages. Whether this involves filing a claim with an insurance company, seeking legal action against a negligent individual, or pursuing damages from a taxi company, an attorney could provide the necessary legal assistance to pursue a favorable resolution to your case. Reach out today to discuss your accident, learn about legal options, and schedule a free case consultation.