Somerville Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

A cancer misdiagnosis could have physically, emotionally, and financially devastating for patients. If someone’s cancer goes undiagnosed and is not treated, they may miss an important time frame when treatment may have been most effective.

In cases involving serious cancers, a single mishap or mistake could mean the difference between life and death. A cancer misdiagnosis may also impact a perfectly healthy patient by putting them through extensive cancer treatment when there were no actual signs of malignancy.

Patients who experience negligence may be eligible to have a Somerville cancer misdiagnosis lawyer file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical professionals who failed to perform their duties. If you believe a doctor or medical specialist failed to render an acceptable standard of care, an experienced medical malpractice attorney could provide you with legal options and fight to obtain a degree of justice.

Impact of Failing to Diagnose Cancer

One of the most dangerous forms of cancer misdiagnosis may occur when a doctor or health care provider fails to appropriately diagnose any malignancy that has developed within a patient. Failing to read the signs or neglecting their duty might result in the condition remaining untreated for an extended period of time.

Generally, cancer treatment is more effective if it begins early. A misdiagnosis may lead to a patient missing a window of opportunity and allowing cancer to progress and potentially spread through the body.

Failure to appropriately diagnose cancer in Somerville could be grounds for a dedicated attorney to take action on a plaintiff’s behalf, but not every misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis automatically could prove liability on the part of the medical professional. There are numerous considerations that might affect the validity of a malpractice case, such as the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, and what the doctors specifically did or did not do.

There may be numerous ways physicians fail to diagnose cancer, but two common shortcomings stand out. The physician may fail to relate cancerous symptoms to the developing cancer or may misread an imaging test and label cancerous cells as a cyst, lipoma, goiter, or other benign condition.

Proving Causation

According to the Massachusetts Cancer Registry, there were 183,009 diagnosed cases of cancer from 2009 to 2013, with an average incidence rate of 480.4 cases per 100,000 individuals. Generally, cancer is not readily diagnosed, despite its prevalence. If there was nothing else to explain the patient’s symptoms, more tests may be run, and the diagnosis of cancer usually comes about through a process of elimination.

Typically, the diagnosis could take weeks or even months. There may be exclusionary diagnoses and a serious of confirmatory tests, followed by imaging studies and a number of blood tests. If cancer is indeed the diagnosis, days, weeks, or months may have passed since the patient first came in for a visit.

Because of how complicated the cancer diagnosis process could be, Massachusetts law requires cancer misdiagnoses to be a proximate cause of damage. How the patient’s misdiagnosis influenced the outcome might have a profound effect on causation. If the cancer transformed over time from something treatable to something problematic, a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer in Somerville could argue that the misdiagnosis was the direct cause.

Contact a Somerville Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

When doctors neglect to give their full attention to their patients, mistakes may occur that could result in a misdiagnosis of cancer. The pain and suffering that might potentially result from a cancer misdiagnosis are unacceptable, and injured person may be entitled to pursue fair compensation for the damages they sustained.

If you believe that a doctor or medical professional was negligent, a Somerville cancer misdiagnosis lawyer could methodically examine your case and help you examine your legal options for pursuing a claim. Call today to learn more about what may be possible in your situation.