Collecting Evidence in a Somerville Pedestrian Accident

Injuries sustained as a result of a pedestrian accident could be so severe that they render victims incapacitated. As a result, victims could incur expensive medical bills while being unable to return to work, making the situation much more stressful. If you have suffered such an accident, there may be legal options that you may not be aware of. A well-versed attorney could help with collecting evidence in a Somerville pedestrian accident case in an effort to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today an set up a consultation with a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer.

Ways to Collect an At-Fault Driver’s Information

When collecting evidence in a Somerville pedestrian accident, victims should look to obtain the at-fault driver’s information, such as their license and registration. If a driver refuses to give up their information, victims are encouraged to get in touch with law enforcement to assist with the exchange of information. If the at-fault driver flees from the scene, victims should contact the police for help with tracking down the driver.

In some cases, the victim may have been so severely injured to the point that they become incapacitated, allowing the driver to take off. An attorney hired by the victim may issue their own investigation in which they would interview any witnesses who saw the accident. The attorney may ask about the make of the car, a description of the driver, and the license plate number. If the accident occurred on a busy road or intersection where there are numerous shops, a lawyer could ask neighboring businesses for any footage of the accident.

Importance of Documenting the Accident

It is imperative for victims to present pictures and/or video footage of the accident when presenting a pedestrian accident claim. This type of evidence is useful to have to determine who is at fault, the location where the accident took place, and all physical damages sustained as a result of the accident.

When obtaining the at-fault driver’s information, victims should also take pictures of the driver’s license information, registration, and their license plate. Taking picture proves to the insurance company that the accident occurred and the victim suffered damages as a direct result. Victims should also take photos of the damage inflicted upon the car.

Reach Out to an Attorney Today

Recovering compensation for a pedestrian accident is never an easy task to undertake. Victims would have to interview multiple witnesses, gather evidence, and analyze the circumstances of a case to issue liability. This may be difficult to accomplish while healing from injuries sustained from the pedestrian accident. With this in mind, it becomes essential to contact an attorney for help with collecting evidence in a Somerville pedestrian accident case.

By getting in touch with a lawyer, you are not only giving yourself a chance to fully heal without dealing with the stresses that come with filing an injury claim but also increasing the likelihood of submitting a successful injury claim. For more information about the claims process, or for help with filing a compensation claim, schedule a consultation with an attorney to get started on your claim today.