Somerville Truck Accident Lawyer

Tractor-trailer trucks weigh hundreds of pounds even when empty, and that weight can rise to thousands of pounds when they are carrying a large load. In a motor vehicle accident, that weight can easily crush standard passenger vehicles, often leading to catastrophic injuries for drivers and passengers in these smaller cars.

Truck accident victims may be able to seek compensation for their injuries, but to do so they must prove that the truck driver or truck company was liable for their injuries, which can be difficult without the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney. If you were hurt on the road by a negligent truck driver and want to explore your legal options, a Somerville truck accident lawyer could provide experienced and professional assistance. En Español.

Suing the Truck Driver or the Truck Company

After a truck accident, it is easy—and not always incorrect—to assume that the truck driver is the sole party to blame. However, just because a truck driver is involved in an accident does not automatically mean they should have a lawsuit filed against them, or that they are the only liable party.

For instance, if the driver had a history of unsafe driving practices or was improperly trained, the truck company that employed them may bear the brunt of the legal responsibility for an accident. In the same vein, a mechanical failure that leads to a crash may be the fault of a mechanic or maintenance crew rather than the driver.

There may even be multiple parties that could all be included as defendants in a truck accident lawsuit. Of course, if a truck driver does not work for a company and instead operates as an independent contractor, they would be the only party eligible to be sued. A Somerville truck accident lawyer could help an injured person identify who was at fault for the collision.

Comparative Fault and Compensation in Truck Accidents

In order to avoid paying compensation to accident victims, truck drivers and companies often claim that the accident victim was partly at fault for the accident. For example, they may state that the smaller vehicle cut them off and they were unable to stop in time.

In these situations, the plaintiff may still be able to claim compensation even if they were partially at fault. Somerville operates under the concept of comparative fault, a legal concept which states that as long as an accident victim is less than 50 percent at fault for their accident, they may still receive compensation for their injuries, although their final award would be reduced by the percentage of fault they themselves bear.

Recoverable damages in a truck accident case may include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, rehabilitative costs, pain and suffering, and more. If a judge determines that a truck driver or truck company acted particularly recklessly or carelessly, they may also award punitive damages, which are intended to punish the at-fault party. If the accident resulted in a death, the deceased’s family may be eligible to collect damages.

Talking to a Somerville Truck Accident Attorney

Suits against truck companies and truck drivers can be some of the most complex personal injury cases. Individuals may need to pursue restitution from large corporations that have their own team of lawyers and enough money to drag the case out as long as they can. Furthermore, as with any personal injury matter, fading memories and serious injuries may make a truck accident case even more complicated.

You should not face these obstacles alone. Instead, you should seek proper representation from an experienced Somerville truck accident lawyer who knows how these cases work, as well as the laws surrounding them. If you are hurt in a truck accident, call a dedicated local attorney today to schedule a consultation.