Tips Before Speaking to Insurance Adjusters

If you are in a car accident, it may not be long before an insurance adjuster contacts you. While you do have to speak with the adjuster at some point, you do not have to give them too much information.

The insurance adjuster may try to seem as if they are on your side, but they are not. They work for the insurance company, and their goal is to have the company pay as little as possible in damages. Before having any conversations with an insurance adjuster, you should contact a knowledgeable car wreck attorney about tips before speaking to insurance adjusters.

Communicating With an Insurance Adjuster

When contacted by an insurance adjuster, injured individuals need to share their name, address, and contact information. It may be necessary to confirm that they were involved in an auto accident on a particular date in a particular vehicle but need not go any further.

It is not recommended to give out any personal information, such as their current medical condition or past health. It is also critical to get the adjuster’s name, employee ID number, contact information, and confirm whether the adjuster works for the insurance company or a third party.

Injury Information

Even though an individual should give the adjuster as little information as possible, it is important to stay calm and remain polite. Although they do not want to provide excessive information, a person should try to establish good will. The adjuster will likely want to know the nature and extent of the injuries. Do not provide any information in this regard. The injured party should share that they are discussing the case with a lawyer, or the individual should say they do not have the full diagnosis of their injuries. The individual is not obligated to provide information about their doctor or care.

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Risks Associated With a Recorded Statement

An insurance adjuster may ask for a recorded statement about the accident. Do not oblige until the individual has spoken with an attorney. Keep in mind that anything they say to the adjuster could later be used against them. Even an innocuous response to a question, such as “I do not recall,” may be turned against them by the adjuster if they twist such a statement into evidence of faulty memory and try to use it as evidence that all their statements are unreliable.

Do Not Accept an Initial Settlement Offer

You may want a quick settlement to put the whole experience behind you, but this is usually not the right perspective to have. You deserve a fair settlement, and the first offer is almost always a low-ball offer that the insurance company offers in the hopes that you will settle fast and not ask questions.

A personal injury lawyer should know what a fair settlement in your situation would entail and could work to get you a much better deal. Remember that once you accept an offer, the settlement is indeed settled. You cannot go back to the adjuster and say you have changed your mind.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident cause by another party’s recklessness or negligence, you may need the services of an experienced Boston personal injury lawyer. Call our firm today and arrange a free initial consultation.