The Safe Pedestrians Scholarship Winners

As personal injury attorneys in Boston, the Nussbaum Law Group has seen firsthand the impact that pedestrian accidents can have on individuals, their families, and even their communities in many cases. Along these lines, the Safe Pedestrian Scholarship was established with the goal to help students in the United States while also bringing awareness to the importance of pedestrian safety.

The below award winners are those separated themselves through their academic achievements and also their personal essays on preventative measures that can be taken to improve pedestrian safety. Stay tuned for more information on next year’s scholarship and how to apply.

2019 Winner: Lawrence Lin

Lawrence is a native of NYC, born and raised in Queens. He is double majoring in computer science and applied mathematics + statistics at Stony Brook University. Besides committing to a rigorous curriculum, he instructs online students in computer science and mentors K-12 students in the Long Island area by evaluating their code submissions and providing personal feedback. Lawrence loves technology and knows computer science is the path he’s devoted to. He is interested in becoming a software engineer, as it is a career that will allow him to tie his passion for technology with his ambition to create world-changing applications.

Lawrence’s Reaction: “I was not at all expecting to receive this scholarship and when I did, I was astonished! I remember I had spent a good amount of time writing the essay, having done much research and contemplating on ways to improve safety, so receiving this scholarship is a huge personal accomplishment. I will definitely use this scholarship money well to pursue my interests and continue improving myself. Thank you Nussbaum Law Group for taking the time to read my essay and selecting me as the winner. I am truly grateful.”

2018 Winner: Sophia Xu

The staff and personal injury attorneys at The Nussbaum Law Group would like to congratulate Sophia Xu on winning the Safe Pedestrians Scholarship. Read about her and her reaction to winning the scholarship.

Biography: I’m Sophia Xu and I’m from Houston Texas. I currently go to Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions and am awaiting college decisions for this upcoming semester. I plan on studying medicine and business and will hopefully be en route for medical school. In my free time, I love to paint, draw and play the piano.

Sophia’s Reaction: This scholarship is extremely important to me as I’ve been in a car accident and I realize how fortunate I am to still be here with minimal injuries. I understand that for most pedestrians, however, this is definitely not the case, and I am grateful for this scholarship for promoting this cause. I am also really thankful for the Nussbaum Law Group for providing this scholarship and allowing me to further my education.